Member Access is a consolidated band schedule system for venues and bands alike..

For Bands....  If a bar/venue where you are scheduled to play is also a subscriber,
their website schedule will be updated along with your website schedule.

And it works both ways too.

MyBandSchedule is currently in alpha status and is being tested.
You can signup for free and test the system for 15 days.
All info will be deleted 5 days after trial ends unless payment is made.
During the testing stage, cost is only $7.50 per month.
When system goes public, cost will be $100/year or $10/month.

Visit or for examples

Any suggestions are appreciated! uses PHP and MySQL for database access.
At this point, during testing, all PHP code will reside
on the servers.
This allows me to test the code on all sites at the same time
without having to release a new update.
Eventually, provisions will be setup for the code to be released
to users for personalization on their own website.

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